dezembro 04, 2016


[SIGNATURE] Gianni Mesh Head - v1.1 at Signature EVENT
lock&tuft Spudly hair at MOM (until December 15)
HERMONY Michael skin tone 5 & Beard Signature Gianni applier at Signature EVENT
HERMONY A Mothers Love neck tattoo for Gianni head at Signature EVENT
[SIGNATURE] Gianni - Mesh Body - v3.1 at Signature EVENT
[Ephemeral] Popeye tattoo at BodyFy Event (Starts on Thursday - December 8th)
XXY Maybe 4 pose at MOM (until December 15)
BHL - The Finse Set 1.0 at The Crossroads
(Cabinet; sparkling wreath; The Moulded wall panel;
Finse tableware set - Joule red/Austrian green/Elephant grey).