dezembro 06, 2016


MGmen's Hat Mipo (Standart and Signature head) at MOM (until December 15)
[SIGNATURE] Gianni Mesh Head v1.1 at Signature EVENT
HERMONY Michael tone 5 & Beard Signature Gianni applier at Signature EVENT
ThreecI Glasses ThreecIBan Way NEW!
TattooMania Head Omega T-06 (body, neck and face tattoo) at MOM (until December 15)
[SIGNATURE] Gianni Mesh Body v3.1
sharp by [ZD] Austen Shirt & Jacket black at Swank Events
MGmen's Jeans Mipo (Standart and Signature body) at MOM (until December 15)
More details of Manuella Wings, visit Na Pegada da Moda.